Mark J. Handelin, DDS, MSD

Dr. Mark Handelin's path to becoming an orthodontist was illuminated by a profound realization: the ability to transform lives and evoke smiles held the potential for an extraordinary impact. This revelation struck a chord deep within him, shaping his resolute journey towards orthodontics. His early experiences ignited a passion for making a tangible difference, which became the driving force behind his pursuit of dentistry. With unwavering dedication, Dr. Handelin's ambition extended beyond the confines of traditional dentistry as he recognized the unique potential of orthodontics to reshape not only teeth but also lives.

Dr. Handelin's satisfaction lies in the artistry of his craft, where each patient's smile serves as both a canvas and a testament to his dedication. Guided by the belief that every smile has the power to radiate confidence and happiness, he approaches his work with precision, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to perfection. Witnessing the transformative journey of his patients, from initial consultations to the unveiling of their radiant smiles, infuses his work with an indescribable sense of fulfillment. Dr. Handelin's enduring enthusiasm is a tribute to his belief in the profound impact that his work has on enhancing lives, one smile at a time.

Excellence in Education

Graduating from the University of Nevada Reno in 1996 with a biology degree, he embarked on a unique journey, initially working as a fisheries biologist. However, his desire to contribute to the well-being of individuals led him back to academia.

Determined to make a difference, Dr. Handelin graduated as Salutatorian with his dental degree from the University of Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco in 2001. His foray into general dentistry in Reno was just a stepping stone on his path to orthodontics.

He completed his Master of Science in Orthodontics from the University of Pacific in 2005. Since then, he has dedicated his practice exclusively to orthodontics, partnering with Drs. Pitts to deliver remarkable care. His journey showcases not only his academic prowess but also his dedication to enhancing lives through radiant smiles, embodying his commitment to education, growth, and excellence in orthodontics.

Following in the footsteps of his mentor Dr. Tom, he has embraced an integral role as an Associate Professor at the University of the Pacific. This role allows him to impart his knowledge to the next generation of orthodontists, teaching part-time to graduate orthodontic students. Dr. Handelin's passion for education extends beyond academia, as he actively engages with various local and national dental and orthodontic study groups. From the Sierra Society for Dental Excellence (Seattle Study Club) to the Progressive Study Group, the P2 Study Club, the Sierra Nevada Study Club, and the Silver Sage Study Club, he is dedicated to sharing his insights and presenting diverse orthodontic concepts and topics. Dr. Handelin's commitment to lifelong learning not only enriches his practice but also elevates the broader orthodontic community and allows him to give the best possible care to his patients.

Professional Memberships

  • American Association of Orthodontics
  • Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics
  • Nevada Orthodontic Society (former President)
  • Nevada State Dental Association (President)

Outside the Office

Beyond the realm of orthodontics, Dr. Mark Handelin leads a fulfilling life enriched by his roles as a devoted father, a loving husband, and an enthusiastic adventurer. His family, comprised of his exceptional wife Catie and two lovely young girls, Keelyn and Laurel, forms the heart of his journey. Together, they embrace the beauty of nature, often immersing themselves in outdoor adventures.

In the moments that allow, Dr. Handelin nurtures his love for angling, hiking, and photography. Equally at home with his hands, he channels his passion for creation through engaging in home improvement projects, adding a personal touch to his surroundings.

A Focus on Community

Dr. Mark Handelin's commitment to his community extends beyond his orthodontic practice, as he diligently imparts his expertise through both exceptional patient care and dedicated teaching. As an Associate Professor at the University of the Pacific, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of orthodontics by educating graduate orthodontic students. Dr. Handelin's influence radiates further as he actively engages with various dental and orthodontic study groups, where he shares his insights and knowledge, contributing to the growth and enrichment of the broader orthodontic community. His dedication to providing outstanding orthodontic care and fostering the growth of fellow professionals exemplifies his profound commitment to the betterment of his community.

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